2 Replies to “Heritage Speakers’ Processing of the Spanish Subjunctive: A Comprehensive Usage-Based Study (Priscila Lopez-Beltran, Paola E. Dussias)”

  1. After being in your dissertation defense a couple of days ago (¡enhorabuena!) there’s not much I can add to what I mentioned back then, pero aquí estoy regardless 😉

    My question is related to the linguistic proficiency of the speakers tested. I really liked that you used a picture-naming task to capture their fluency, but I was wondering if you could tell us a bit more about the variability wrt to this factor observed in the sample (by maybe providing some more information about how many of the participants exhibited higher levels of fluency, vs. those that were at the low end of the spectrum, perhaps).

    ¡Muchas gracias y enhorabuena por un trabajo increíble!

  2. Dear Priscila and Giuli,
    Excelent project. You explained the use of this greatly sophisticated methodology (both for data collection and analyses) so clearly that even someone like me with limited knowledge about both can understand how interesting your results are. You show us that the as writtten language enters through the eyes, speakers are receiving more than the actual words. They are engaging ather linguistic and social information because they are engaged in trying to comprehende language. This is a fantastic project! Congrats!

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