3 Replies to “Culture Portfolio as a Critical Pedagogical Tool in the Heritage Language Classroom: A Student Perspective (Gabriela Vokic)”

  1. Hello Gabriela,

    Thank you very much for your presentation! I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if you could explain a bit the role that the portfolio had in the assessment of class outcomes. Was it used as the main overall assessment task or did you include additional tools?

  2. Muchas gracias!

    Following up with Beatriz’s comment, I would also like to know more about the role of this assignment and how it fits within the overall arch of the course. Besides assessment, I was also wondering about the scaffolding and the multiteracies and multimodalities included in the portfolio.

    Another related question/comment: have you thought about the potential role of the portfolio as a public facing artifact? I was thinking about the role of “openness” within the Critical Pedagogy and Open Pedagogy frameworks, and how the overlap – in other words, how to understand learners as knowledge producers having audiences beyond the classroom.

    Gracias (de nuevo)!

  3. Very nice presentation! I second Beatriz Lado and Inés Vañó García’s comments on the role of the portfolio as a course assessment tool and the scaffolding of it.
    ¡Muchas gracias!

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