“Para mi Abuelita” by Brisa Rivera


Author Bio

Brisa Rivera, a Morton Finney Scholar at Butler University, is a rising junior studying English and Spanish. As the daughter of immigrants, she is dedicated to education and the exploration of her culture through various modes of narrative and expression. The spirit of the 312 runs deep through her veins, but her undergrad adventures in Indiana have led her to further manifest her love for the arts, much like her hero and fellow Hoosier, Mexican-American singer/songwriter, Omar Apollo. In addition to her studies, she is passionate about family, film, and Friday’s. While she is unsure of what the future has in store for her as a Midwestern Mexicana, she hopes to positively represent the Southwest Side of Chicago with her Moleskin journal and a good book by her side, wherever the wind may take her. Though, one thing is certain: drinking a nice, refreshing glass of jamaica from the Discount Mall will continue to ground her as she works to build a career in creative writing.